Welcome to MBIQ Models.

Unfortunately I’m doing the ill thing again at the moment, so this site won’t be updated for a while. It will remain here for reference though, and should be back to normal by the end of this year (2019) hopefully.

Hello and many welcomes to you dear visitor. You may be lost in the net, have been sent here by search engine, or even come on purpose, but whatever I’m pleased to have you here.

Originally the main thrust of this site was to showcase some of the models that I have built and to give people somewhere to refer to when they asked to see what I’d made.  So it all started with the Gallery.

However, over time it has become apparent that the Blog section describing how I have made my models is the more significant section for most visitors.

The majority of my models are built for my pleasure, and end up as part of my loft squadrons (though I might be tempted to part with them for the right inducement).  Some models are commissions that are now in their permanent homes. 

One thing I would like to make clear is that I don’t consider myself to be the perfect model maker by any means and this isn’t intended to be a ‘How to’ site.  It’s more a record of how I did it, faults and all.  I continually strive to get better at model making and learn new techniques, and looking back over my models I think I’m definitely progressing.  If  you want to know a little bit more about me personally have a look in the About section above.

I hope you enjoy the website and feel free to leave comments.

Oh… and it’s MBIQ, pronounced ’em-bik’. Don’t even think about asking what it stands for.

By the way, if you’re spamming or trolling, your comments will just get binned. The decision is mine alone, final and there is no right of appeal. The delicacy of your sensibilities will not form part of the decision-making process.