Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8 (1st build)

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I know where people can get the assembly instructions for this model. They are available here:

This is a model that I wanted to build for years before I finally got hold of an example. It was one of the most enjoyable builds I’ve undertaken, though the model has some large errors in it if you build it as it was presented by Hasegawa. The blow by blow account of the build is covered in the blog section of this site.

It is one a series of 4 models they did known as the “Museum Series” as the finished model was deemed to be of museum display standard. The other models in the series  were the SE5a, Fokker Dr.1 and the Wright Flyer. All were 1:8 scale multimedia kits except the latter which was 1:16 scale.

2 thoughts on “Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8 (1st build)”

  1. Dear Sir (unfortunately on your website it’s not reported your name, but I hope we will know each other better) I’m Anto Cavarzerani, living in Italy.
    I’m writing after seeing the high quality of your jobs in the website and kind of models you’re interested in.

    I would like to ask you if it could be of your interest building and reviewing a model I developed.
    Model is the 1/8 scale Italian WW1 fighter Ansaldo SVA 10 owned by a well known Italian person, Gabriele D’Annunzio.
    It could be roughly compared with Hasegawa products you just built.
    I use word roughly and I’m going to explain why here under.
    On a hand this is an artisanal kit and I’m not a model company, but I’m aiming to provide a high quality CNC machined stuff containing what an expert model builder needs to build this model, cutting away all the rest (elegant box etc.)
    On the other hand, reading about errors you found on fidelity to scale in Hasegawa products, here I can say this model comes out from a project that was intended to produce a full scale flying replica and it was designed starting from original farm old drawings.

    Moreover, in my personal opinion, this a different model compared to just seen Red Baron and so on. Also his history is very fascinating, at least for an Italian person ☺
    Gabriele D’Annunzio dared flying over Vienna to throw some papers asking Austrians to surrender, people say this brave act was very impressive at that time.
    If you’re interested in we I’d be very happy to provide model to you at very special conditions and with every eventual support.
    I’d like to send some photos of prototype I built by mail.
    Then maybe to be in contact with you toexplain my plans and ideas about this project.
    Meanwhile if you are an instagram user search for stevenamodels

    on facebook my page is under nickname cavanto cavanto

    I posted there several pictures of building.

    Hoping to hear about you.
    With my best regards

    Anto Maria Cavarzerani


  2. Hello, just to confirm I replied to your kind answer, in case that some kind of antispam blocked my mail back. Thanks


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