Wright-Martin H3 (Hispano-Suiza 8F) – Coil Ignition 1:8

The Wright-Martin H3 was a licence built version of Hispano-Suiza’s 8F engine. To further complicate things this one has been converted for marine use (many were after the war) by Auto Engine Works of St. Paul, Minn.

The main parts of the model were created in CAD and 3D printed. Moulds were then created from the prints and the parts cast in plain resin or resin loaded with aluminium powder (aka ‘cold cast’).

This model is destined to be installed in a  ‘Miss Severn’ boat build, hence  the various connections to the boat’s systems have been left unfinished in these pictures. For full details of the build of this engine, and its sister engine with magneto ignition please refer to my blog here.

I have also created an aircraft version of the CAD model, which may even get built, one day… An alternative marine version with magneto ignition can be viewed here.

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