Stryker M1130 Command Vehicle – AFV Club 1:35

After spending quite some time building tracked vehicles I fancied something different, so an 8×8 it was. I was actually looking for a MOWAG 6×6 Piranha as I’ve had some experience of these in real life, but this kit happened to appear on my radar first.

It is an out of the box build, though if I was doing it again, and I might, I’d invest in some of the add-on equipment sets that are available for this kit. Notwithstanding that I really enjoyed assembling this kit and painting it.

As it is basically green, I had a go at some colour modulation to spice it up a bit and also gave it a moderate level of weathering. The result was quite satisfying. I do wish I gone for the machine gun rather than grenade launcher though. Next time…

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