So with the Camel build complete, the next model makes its way onto the table.

The Camel model was one of the most enjoyable that I’ve built. So I thought I’d have a go at another one of Hasegawa’s Museum Series models. The SE5a is hard to get hold of now and untouched kits are commanding what I consider to be silly prices. However, whilst the others were only released once back in the 80s, the Fokker Dr.1 was re-released in 2004 (I think) and so are much easier to get. In fact I think I may have got one of the very last available straight from a model kit supplier.

I’m really looking forward to this kit. At first glance I don’t think it will be nearly as complex as the Camel to complete. There is considerably more plastic involved too, particularly in the fuselage.

Having started on the research for the model it is also quite evident that Hasegawa have made even more compromises on accuracy in this kit. The leading edges of the wings are completely wrong for a start, the ammunition boxes also fall very short of reality. In fact the belt collection box is omitted entirely. There are also a number of other odd substitutions going on which I’ll address during the build.

As with the Camel, I plan to make the model half covered. Somewhat predictably I suppose, I’ll do the covered half in the colours of Manfred Von Richthofen’s triplane. Exactly which version I’m not sure yet. Also as before, I plan to do it as an ‘engineering example’. Hence, I won’t attempt to apply the weathering seen on the real aircraft or to replicate the somewhat clumsy modifications to the national markings as they changed.

For reference I’m using a number of sources besides the usual scouring of the internet for pictures.

20160225_114342 (1)

Fokker Dr.1 Triplane – A World War One Legend by Paul Leaman: an excellent reference book on the subject but out of print and can be pricey to get hold of.

20160225_114819 (1)

Fokker Dr.1 – The Ace’s Aircraft by Tomasz Kowalski & Marek Ryś: a brand new release based on a rendered CAD model of the aircraft. Has a few 3D images at the end which don’t really come off, but still a good reference.

20160225_113550 (1)

Richthofen by A E Ferkoa Windsock Datafile publication and a good history reference for the Ritter Meister.

20160225_114258 (1)

Fokker Dr.1 Aces of World War 1: not so much on Richthofen, but lots of Dr.1 pictures and colour plates of various markings, including most of Richthofen’s.

20160225_113608 (1)

Fokker Dr.1 Jagdstaffeln: another Windsock Datafile. Very little on Richthofen, but an awful lot of detailed information and pictures on the Dr.1, particularly stencil markings most of which, ironically, aren’t present on Richthofen’s aircraft.

So on with the build. As with the Camel, the engine is first…

8 thoughts on “FOKKER DR.1 – HASEGAWA 1:8 (PART 1)”

  1. excellent and inspirational. I recentlyy purchased the DR1 from Hasegawa but the assembly manual was missing is there a website there this might be published in pdf?

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  2. Very nice……low key, humble, yet your skills are quite a bit above average. You don’t gloss over your mistakes and take pains to correct them. Your research is very well done, too. Take heart in the fact that I don’t think the ‘perfect’ model exists, but yours come close.
    –Bob Steinbrunn

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