Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8

Many years ago, 20+ in fact, I went into a model shop in Hull, England and hanging from the ceiling above the counter was a truly magnificent model of an S.E.5a  WWI bi-plane. The model was huge, as far as I was concerned, and finished without fabric covering so you could see all of the rigging, spars, ribs etc. I was utterly impressed.

I learned later the it was one of Hasegawa’s 1:8 scale “Museum” series which also included the Fokker DR.1 and the Sopwith Camel F1. The latter is one of my favourite aircraft and I dearly wanted to get Hasegawa’s kit of it. However, as an impecunious youth, it was out of my price league and many years later when I could afford it I discovered Hasegawa had discontinued the model and all stock had been sold.

I still hankered after the model though, and so periodically, usually after a few beers, I’d cruise eBay looking for one being sold on at a non-silly price. About 6 months ago I finally located one which was part of the estate of a gentleman who had recently departed.

I put my bid in and it was duly accepted. As luck would have it the seller lived close to a friend who resides down London way and who would be coming up to visit me soon. Collection and delivery sorted! (thanks Kat). I could even arrange to give the seller cash at the handover which simplified things for everyone.

So now I am the proud owner of my dream kit. A Hasegawa Sopwith Camel F1 in 1:8 scale.

Hasegawa's 1:8 "Museum Series" Sopwith Camel F1
Hasegawa’s 1:8 “Museum Series” Sopwith Camel F1

As the model is going to take me a while to complete I think I’ll put posts on here as each section is finished. That way there won’t be mammoth posts on the thing.

So first…. the Clerget 9B engine.


I’ve been asked a couple of times if I know where people can get the assembly instructions for this model. They are available here:

13 thoughts on “Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8”

    1. I have an 80% complete model in the loft. All that is required is covering and painting. It stalled because I didn’t feel up to scratch building the engine, and then I forgot about it.


  1. I found after a long journey most probably one of the last available kits on the market and I look forward to the challenge in front of me.

    Your reports will be my starting point as I consider them as very valuable.

    Thank you for that,



  2. I had heard of these kits over twenty-five years ago and wanted one ever since. I could never find one at a price near what I could afford. Then after joining a local garage sale group, on the same day of joining the group, I came across an ad for the 1/8 Sopwith. It was the same kit as your build here. To my amazement it came from a wealthy gentleman’s estate who had just passed. The house from which it came was eleven miles from my own. I was able to purchase the sealed unopened kit in pristine condition on October 8, 2018 for the price of $300.00. I can not tell you how much your blogs will help me in the coming months ahead. I have read both Sopwith builds twice already and have not opened the kit as yet! Thank you! I know my build will never be as amazing as yours, but lt will be better after seeing your work.

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  3. it is apparently not possible o follow the blog of the Sopwith build one, the last entry I found was for the prop and struts- a “next” button would have been a great idea. Beautiful work as far as I could see!


    1. Scroll down to the next post link. The posts for the first build are pretty much contiguous. The only interloper in the story is a single post on the Phantom diorama base.


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