Hispano-Suiza 8F (Part 2)

A very quick update this time as there is very little to describe or show whilst building up the CAD model of the engine.

Things are going well, though the carburettor gave me some problems as it is all curved and blended shapes. Only the magnetos and marine conversion gearbox need to be added. All the bolts, cables and wires will be added during the actual assembly of the model. There’s no point 3D printing them as they won’t look right in the end.

I may even get around to building things in real life soon.




4 thoughts on “Hispano-Suiza 8F (Part 2)”

  1. I follow your fine work, including descriptions. Very interesting and my appreciation for what you do as well as for your willingness to share this.

    I have obtained a model (scale 1:8) of the Camel Sopwith and intend to start soon to build it. Your contributions help in my preparation.

    Best regards,



  2. You are vastly better at CAD than you give yourself credit. 🙂
    It is so clear now, the differences between the Hissi 8b etc. Brilliant stuff.

    I’ll take a look at those other drawings in a mo and feedback as per emails.

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