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Having made a number of models for other people, the Other-Half (CJ) asked if she could have one to display on her desk at work (which was nice). I was in the middle of building Kinetic’s 1:32 scale Hawk 100 series model in the colours of BAe’s Demonstrator ZJ100 and, apart from the size of it, the subject was perfect.

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Verlinden Vietnam Era USAF Pilot

This figure was made to accompany the 1:32 Tamiya F-4D Phantom II model that I made and is the subject of a separate post on here.

The figure came from Verlinden in the US and isn’t actually the one I ordered. The one I was expecting looked like this one with the pilot demonstrating some aerial manoeuvre in the time-honoured fashion.

Instead the chap I received was posed writing something down and I’ve never actually seen him for sale anywhere.

I wasn’t upset by the substitution though. Continue reading Verlinden Vietnam Era USAF Pilot