SOPWITH CAMEL F1 (2nd Build) – HASEGAWA 1:8 (Part 4)

This is the final update on the build of this Camel. There’s not a huge amount to say really, as only a small amount of the rigging remained to be completed. In fact only 3 or 4 wires needed to be added, and they were only delayed because I’d run out of the necessary wire when I made the previous post.

I also wanted to wait until the model had been safely delivered to it’s recipient before I posted the completed model pics on here. If it had got lost or been damaged they would have fallen in to the category of “Here’s what you could’ve had”, which would have been a little unkind.

The model is now safely in the US and, a little to my surprise, arrived completely undamaged. I used a specialist to pack and transport the item from the UK to the US and am impressed with their service. The model weighed almost exactly 1 kg (2.2lbs), but when the custom crate was included the total consignment weight was 119 kg (262 lbs). They are not however cheap. The British Shop.

Here are the pics of the finished model taken a few days before it was collected by the shippers.

And finally a picture with the model’s two siblings.

So that’s it for the build log of this model. Once again I enjoyed it a lot and it remains the nicest model kit I have built. However, I’d like to branch out a little, so my next model will be of a nautical nature, which is not something I’ve ever done before.

I do have a sneaking long term aim to make a 1:8 scale Sopwith Pup though. No model exists that I know of, so it would have to be a completely scratch built affair. That means a lot of work in CAD, laser cutting and 3D printing, which I’m not really well enough to do yet and will not be cheap. So the idea will remain on the back burner for the foreseeable future.


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