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I am based in a quiet corner of the UK and worked for 20+ years in the aerospace industry in the research and development fields, both as a design engineer and project manager. However, a decade ago I reluctantly had to take medical retirement and my glittering career came to a shuddering halt. As a result of the retirement I suddenly found myself with more spare time than I was used to, combined with a limited physical ability to fill it. One of the things that now fills that time is model making. The activity isn't new to me though; I've been making models on and off since I was about 8 years old with varying degrees of fidelity, though hopefully the general trend is up. However, I now have the time and inclination to indulge myself fully. This site was set-up as a means of making pictures of my models and build threads available to friends who were interested in them rather than boring everyone to death on Facebook and elsewhere. If anyone else enjoys them then all the better.

Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8 (Part 2): Prop, Interplane and Cabane Struts

In the post about the Clerget engine I mentioned completing the propeller and said I’d cover it in a later post, so here we are.  I’ve included the wing struts too as they were done in parallel.

The prop and wing struts are parts of the model that catch your eye so I wanted to make sure that they had visual impact.  To achieve it I opted for a high gloss, deep mahogany coloured finish.  In fact glossier than the real thing probably.

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Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8 (Part 1), Clerget 9B Rotary Radial Engine

The first part of Hasegawa’s Sopwith Camel kit is the Clerget 9B engine.  The kit I’d bought was second hand and the previous owner had already assembled most of the engine, and not to a standard I was happy with.  However, the lady selling the model said that there was also a separate unstarted Clerget engine model available that she would include for free.  Top stuff! Continue reading Sopwith Camel F1 – Hasegawa 1:8 (Part 1), Clerget 9B Rotary Radial Engine


Having made a number of models for other people, the Other-Half (CJ) asked if she could have one to display on her desk at work (which was nice). I was in the middle of building Kinetic’s 1:32 scale Hawk 100 series model in the colours of BAe’s Demonstrator ZJ100 and, apart from the size of it, the subject was perfect.

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Tamiya McDonnell-Douglas F-4D Phantom II (Part 1)

Preamble Gubbins

This post is aimed at people who have little knowledge of model making but I hope will also be of interest to more experienced modellers.  For the latter, please bear with me through the bits where I’m talking about the basics and teaching you to suck eggs.

The Main Bit

I’d fancied building an F-4 for a while as it is probably my favourite aircraft.  I already have a model of the RAF’s FGR.2 (F-4M in McD speak) in the loft so I thought I’d build a US variant this time.  As a friend flew them operationally in Vietnam, and Tamiya do some nice large F-4D and E kits, I thought I’d build an airframe he actually flew. Continue reading Tamiya McDonnell-Douglas F-4D Phantom II (Part 1)

Verlinden Vietnam Era USAF Pilot

This figure was made to accompany the 1:32 Tamiya F-4D Phantom II model that I made and is the subject of a separate post on here.

The figure came from Verlinden in the US and isn’t actually the one I ordered. The one I was expecting looked like this one with the pilot demonstrating some aerial manoeuvre in the time-honoured fashion.

Instead the chap I received was posed writing something down and I’ve never actually seen him for sale anywhere.

I wasn’t upset by the substitution though. Continue reading Verlinden Vietnam Era USAF Pilot